10 Life hacks for effective meeting new dates online

Your profile

Whether you are on an online dating platform of just a social network website, it is essential that you fill enough information for others to get the first impression of you. The more information you mention, the better. Don’t boast too much, don’t pretend you’re better than who you really are. A good option is to ask your friend to check what you have written.

Your photo

Take a good quality photo. As the saying goes “first impressions are most lasting”. Therefore, try to find photos that make accent on your best features. Do not overdo, though. The point is not to lie and make of yourself someone that you are not. 

It is also a good advice to have more than one photo, preferably in different settings showing what you like doing and where you spend your free time.

Your first message

On dating websites, people and especially women get a lot of messages each day. The point is to make yours different, to mention something that can catch the eye of a woman. Read carefully the profile, notice some tiny details and then write about them in your opening letter. 

Your hobbies

There are a lot of profiles that look alike: same studio photos, same common hobbies and interests. You want to stand out! Maybe you are really passionate about one thing but you are not sure if there is such a hobby and how can one possibly be interested in it. Tell the world about it, who knows, maybe there is a person who loves the same thing.

Show interest

When talking to a person, also pay attention to the information you have gathered from the profile. Ask about countries he or she visited or a favourite movie. It will show that you are interested.

Do not lie

Do not use too much Photoshop, you do not want to disappoint your date when you meet in reality. It will not do you any good if you lie about your age, height or weight, as well as about your place, income and job. The truth will eventually come up.

Do not wait too long

If you find a person and you two communicate at ease, do not wait too long until you meet offline. In the end, your main goal is not to find a pen pal friend.

Take the lead

Start conversation yourself. Suggest meeting in a cafe or somewhere. Try to prepare to this date beforehand, and show that you are interested. 

Narrow your search

Define for yourself what are you here for, whether you need serious relationships or not. What age, height, weight, hair colour, hobbies, job, and whatever criteria are important for you.

Choose your league

Do not bite more than you could chew. Take a look at yourself, evaluate your average attractiveness to other people and look for people of the same level. Thus, there is a higher possibility you meet a perfect partner you can build a relationship with.

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