Dating Online: How To Talk To Russian Girls

First of all, Russian mail order wives are human beings, so do not do things that no person on Earth would like. Secondly, they are women, so keep away from things and themes that majority of women would not like. And only then they are Russian girls who have their own cultural peculiarities you should also remember to improve your communication. Here are some tips for you to succeed.

Things to do when talking to a Russian girl

Russian girls are shy and sometimes too timid, hardly ever will they be first to approach an unknown person. So it should be who is in charge of starting a conversation. However, do not start with a cliché phrase that many women, not only Russian, have already heard for thousands of times. Search interesting details in her profile, notice something on a photo and make message out of it.

Also, do not forget to compliment her. Every woman likes compliment, Russians love them even more. However, again, do not be too cheesy and cliché, telling her she is pretty is not enough,  mention something you have noticed in her profile and try to compliment her hobbies or what she does, not just her physical appearance. 

When you receive the answer, bear in mind that Russian women are not fond of small talks. Girls from the US or Europe like talking about general things, not going much into details, Russian prefer to talk about what is interesting or bothers them right now. However, do not touch very intimate themes: Russian women tend to guard their emotions and feelings and will not open too soon to a stranger. 

And most importantly, do not teach her how to live her life. You may give some advice, throw some hint to think about later, but do not be too persistent, even if you think you know better. Remember, you have different culture background and surroundings.

Choose a theme that is safe: cats, cuisine, arts, Russian culture. Cats – because almost everybody likes them, in many Russian houses live a cat or two, ask her about it. Moreover, Russians like sharing their culture, they are willing to enlighten everybody. Even if they admit some food or tradition is weird they like to shock foreigners with stereotypes or prove it is wrong.

Learn some phrases in her language and insert them here and there to surprise her. If you are talking via video chat, she will hear your imperfect accent which is automatically nice and cute.

Subjects to avoid when chatting with a Russian girl

Any controversial subjects like politics and religion. These two are pretty dangerous when talking to everyone and especially when trying to allure a women. 

No sex talks. Russian women are looking for someone who wants to spend time with her not only with her body. They have enough from Russian men, so act differently, be a gentleman in their eyes.

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