Do Foreigners Have To Know Russian To Date Russian Women Online?

Some people like learning languages, others don’t. There are people like the sound of Russian, others find it rude. Despite all the preferences, the question is whether it is worth learning Russian when looking for a bride online?

Advantages of learning Russian for dating

Chekhov, a famous Russian playwright, once said “The more languages you know, the more you are a human being”. Therefore, one point in favour of learning this language is self-improvement. Also, if you plan to visit Russia and be able to have a word with people here as well as talking to your possible future bride, then you are welcome.

The language can be useful when thinking about where to find the bride online. Apart from dating sites there are different forums, Russian social network web sites and country-based communities on various international sites. A foreigner who knows Russian can find a single woman who just shares the same passion as him, whether it is cars, animals, cuisine and what not.

It is worth noting language learning platforms. They will not only help to learn Russian, but there is also a high possibility to meet a woman who is also learning your language.

The last but not least, learning a language automatically implies cultural acquisition. When planning to engage with a person from a different background it is for sure an advantage if you know which background the bride came from. It can save you a lot of misunderstandings.

Disadvantages of learning Russian when dating a Russian online

Although it might sound nice to learn a new language, it is easier said than done. Achieving a decent level takes a lot of time and commitment.

Russian is believed to be one of the hardest languages in the world, so it is better to think twice whether you really need it or not. In the end, you are not planning to marry in Russia and stay here. It might be hard, especially if you have never learned any foreign language before. However, if you have your own business or the company you work in is planning to expand the market, may the force be with you.

The advice here is to be honest. If you are not learning the language, don’t say it like you do. Russian women get a lot of messages of such content, they are pretty tired of those “learners”. It is better to openly admit that you are not learning Russian but would not mind if she tells you some interesting words and phrases they use, along with Russian customs and traditions.

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