Senior Dating Myths and Tips

Reliable Facts & Dating Rules for Seniors in 2020

Meeting new people and building relationships can be troublesome and even tiring regardless of age and gender. People belonging to different social positions and religious confessions experience the same difficulties while interacting with strangers online and in real life.

Things get worse if you’re an older adult who made his mind happy in a new relationship but is still unaware of where to start. Online dating for seniors is troublesome for many reasons:

  • The fear of the society’s opinion;
  • The children’s discontent;
  • Cultural and religious limits.

You never know when you meet your fate and, regardless of how hard life has been, meeting a like-minded partner is possible in all ages. Nowadays, men and women over 50 get online in search of like-minded communities and friends with a common background. They search for:

  • Friendship;
  • Emotional support;
  • Romance;
  • Sex and intimacy;
  • Faithful partnership.

Unfortunately, many older adults have to stay alone because of the following circumstances:

  • They live in remote rural areas where they cannot find singles eager to date and build relationships;
  • They have serious health conditions or experience maintenance medication therapy after surgery or any other serious therapies and treatments.

Remember that regardless of your health conditions, the remoteness of your dwelling, and limitations established by the religious beliefs in your social circles, you’ll have no difficulty finding your love. The world of singles eager to meet you is twice as bigger as you imagine.

Dating Rules for Seniors Base on Priorities First

One of the first and essential senior dating tips is to prioritize your potential relationship. It might sound sad and disturbing, but a senior adult does not have much time to waste. All interactions should be fruitful and useful. Even if a person is not ready to become your partner and lover, he/she can become your loyal friend and supportive companion, which is already a huge upgrade of your social circle.

If you want to get in touch with the right person, ask yourself a question:

What do I find acceptable, and what is inappropriate for me in a relationship?

A reasonable answer to this question will help you understand what kind of a partner you need. You’ll stick to this image, and it will become your filter.

The following bits of advice will help you set the priorities to stick to before you dive in the online world of matchmaking:

  • Don’t follow the examples of your co-workers and friends’ relationship patterns and advice. No one has the right to impose opinions on you. If you want to kiss on the first date, do it. If you’re interested in traveling the world, start this journey hand in hand. If your kids don’t want you to build a relationship, tell them you’ve invested enough time in their upbringing to lead your life the way you want to.
  • Consider if it’s possible for you to go on several dates in one period of time. It’s not about being promiscuous – it’s about getting acquainted with a lot of people who have the same goals. Many real-life dates will increase and speed up the desired positive result.
  • Make sure your nearest and dearest know that you’re involved in online dating. It’s a basic precaution and safety measure destined to protect you in case if something goes wrong. Notify your best friend if you’re going on a date with a stranger, and don’t forget to tell about the location. Note that your dating partner should know that your relatives are aware you’re out on a date.

Don’t rush in. A monogamous relationship is fine, but you shouldn’t devote your life to on single person for no specific reason.

More Senior Dating Tips in 2020: Finding People

Getting in touch with a like-minded partner usually happens in the same ways:

Family Celebrations Visit birthday parties, anniversaries, and numerous family events. Here you’ll get a possibility to get in touch with the common friends and new reliable acquaintances. Never miss family parties.
Weddings Never reject an invitation to the wedding celebrated within your community. It’s a good chance to get in touch with people you’ve already met in your neighborhood but haven’t got acquainted yet.
Community Events Participate or, at least, become a visitor to one of the local events or celebrations. Learn to circulate if you’re really interested in crafting your future.
Volunteering Volunteers are open-minded, heartily people who share the same values and look in the same direction. You’ll enlarge your social circle and get a ton of positive energy from the like-minded members of the society.
Hobbies & Pastimes It’s as easy as pie. The most straightforward way of building friendships and romance is to be in regular contact with people who like doing the same things as you do.
Sports Sport is useful for all ages. Of course, the older you get, the more healthcare problems you experience. Nevertheless, such sports as walking, squash, golf, cycling, Nordic walking, walking football, and many more are safe for anyone. Remember that aging does not destroy youth – it’s the time to develop new strengths.
Religious Communities If you’re a religious person, regular, weekly visits to the church might come in handy. In fact, not all people visiting the church are devoted to Christians or Catholics. Some of them are simply searching for the sincerity and understanding of the locals.
Dance Classes If you’re an owner of a decent sense of rhythm, visiting a local salsa club or any kind of dancing classes will help you unburden yourself.


Don’t hesitate and go for it! Remember that in comparison with the younger generation born beautiful accidentally, you are state of the art. You are a masterpiece that took years to become a perfection.

Dating Rules for Seniors Using Online Dating Websites

Before we pass on to the simple senior dating tips online, accept the fact that senior dating is the same as dating at a young age. Why?

  • Both of you feel shy;
  • Both of you are unsure of yourselves;
  • Both of you are afraid of online dangers;
  • Both of you have trouble finding like-minded partners of the same age.

The only misleading factor that makes you feel different is beautiful. Well, ask yourself a question:

Do I need a drop-dead-gorgeous senior adult by my side till the end of my life?

Probably, yes. However, is it the most important factor? If yes, you are not interested in a permanent relationship, because a permanent one is not based on such superficial facts as physical beauty. Besides, if you are an average person who does not stick to healthy eating and regular sports, you won’t be able to spend more than half a year with a good-looking person regularly taking care of himself.

Seek for a like-minded partner, leading the same way of life as you do. Opposites DO NOT attract.

If you understand what we mean, you are ready to go online and find partners not guided by the misleading images of perfect models.

  • Going online will help you enlarge your social circle if you’re limited with the laws of your religious community. The internet will give you more chances of finding a person of the same beliefs as yours.
  • Regardless of your preferences, finding a partner in line with your sexual preferences will become effortless. You won’t even have to communicate face-to-face because dating websites have special algorithms offering potential matches in line with the characteristics you’ve mentioned in your account.

The only thing that might be disturbing about online dating is that the best online dating resources might request payments. Nevertheless, you should understand that the owners of the website check every user, provide you with safe communication, and control the algorithms helping you to get in touch with the potential friends and partners.

Avoid Dangers When Senior Dating Online

The only significant drawback of online dating for seniors is their insufficient experience in online communication. It results in potentially dangerous situations with numerous online fraudsters. You have to be careful to protect your family, yourself, and your money from dangers caused by the indecent people actively operating online and searching for the trusting elderly people.

  • Check the website. A trustworthy website will never be completely free because it should be operated by professionals who need payments for providing your safety and security of our personal data. Don’t forget to google for the reviews about the website using the word “scam” next to the name of the website. It will help you find the most relevant reviews first.
  • Check your interlocutor. Make sure it’s a real person. Make a google search for the name and for the pictures to check whether it’s a real personality or whether the photos are stolen from one of the social networks. Identity theft is very common nowadays. If you’re using a reputable online dating platform, you can get in touch with one of the representatives of the local management to make sure your partner is safe for communication.
  • Keep your financial information secret. Don’t share anything concerning your financial income, banking information, and credit card data. Your money matters are closely connected to the finances of your family. If you do something wrong and lose your money because of the loan you’ve never drawn, you’ll shift the responsibilities and additional problems on your kids. Be careful and reasonable. You communicate not to discuss money matters and share it – you seek for communication first.

There is also a list of red flags you should pay attention to before you step into online communication via a social network or a website:

  • Lack of personal information. If a person conceals whether he has kids or not, says nothing about his professional duties, and does not give prompt answers to the simple questions about the basic, routine things, he/she might be concealing something.
  • Excessive discussions of finances. If someone makes you talk about how much you earn, it’s a dangerous personality. It can either be a scammer or an irresponsible person looking for your money.
  • Your online partner is secretive. He/she does not share relevant pictures, prevents you from visiting his/her account in one of the popular social networks, and is not interested in the video chat. It causes numerous suspicions.

One of the Most Valuable Senior Dating Tips in 2020: Wipe Away the Past

Sticking to the events of the past is a dead-end to all efforts of making a relationship. We are all different, as well as the circumstances of our lives. We are not obliged to excuse ourselves for the mistakes of the past, as well as to blame the potential partners for their own faults.

  • You’ll have to forget about the most romantic circumstances of your past while searching for love – comparison is always a bad idea;
  • You’ll have to accept that you’ll ever manage to find a copy of your previous relationship – an identical version of a relationship is impossible at your age and with your current convictions;
  • You’ll have to respect your partner – your interests might differ, and it’s natural because no one is obliged to comply with your preferences.

Of course, you shouldn’t adapt to anyone if you feel like it’s not your option. Nevertheless, you have no right to make a person be in line with your preferences. Be reasonable and stay friends if it’s possible. If it develops into something more emotional and psychological, it deserves development.

First Date Senior Dating Tips 2020

When you understand that your interlocutor is safe for the communication, and there’s nothing wrong with meeting eye-to-eye. If you want to avoid the possible dangers, stick to the following:

  • Get to a public place. The best choice is an art gallery or a museum. Even if it’s a modern art exhibition, an art gallery is one of the best options for a couple of intelligent people interested in thoughtful conversations.
  • Get to the movies. It’s not the best advice for the younger generation, because the best first date option for them is a regular walk in the park or a visit to a coffee shop. Going to the cinema for older adults results in a number of conversations.
  • Get to the woods. Arrange a picnic with sandwiches, fruit, and wine. Food and light alcohol make you relax and lead a comfortable conversation. Find out about the food preferences of your partner.

Regardless of where you go, you should find out whether your partner is interested in alcohol or whether he’s against. It’s the same about vegan preferences. Remember that you have no right to blame your partner for his drinking and eating habits.

IMPORTANT: Regardless of your age, it’s highly important to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. They can cause more trouble then you expect regardless of age.

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